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based in Kansas City, Missouri

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Billboard Magazine

Role: Supported design team in the redesign process through creating multiple typographic variations, column relationships, pull-quotes large and small, heading designs, and activation of image- and text-based captions for the new layout design. 

Design: Pentagram, NYC

From Pentagram’s website, “Inside, an active and varied design captures the vibrancy of the music business. The magazine’s sections have been reorganized and restructured, with new departments introduced and others renamed. The table-of-contents page is now called “Viewpoint” and features the best quotes from the week’s stories. A new front-of-book section title “Topline” highlights industry news. Headers are paired with graphic bars inspired by the charts. Page layouts are opened up, with graphs, pull quotes and other data appearing in the margins. The design employs a carefully coordinated suite of typefaces, including LL Brown, Lyon Display and Atlas Grotesk for headers, and Lyon Text for body copy. Ziggurat is used for special features and advertorials.”