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genEquality Branding

genEquality is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization on a mission to activate people to achieve gender equality through beliefs & behaviors.

An organization’s brand is a storytelling opportunity. In our early rebranding conversations, we asked ourselves: Could our brand system not just tell a story, but also become an active participant in the organization's mission? In what ways might our brand elements activate people towards gender-equal, inclusive beliefs and behaviors?

From the beginning, genEquality has approached the work of gender equality in a creative, research-driven, interactive way. As we approached our fifth anniversary, we saw an opportunity not just to update our brand, but to imbue it with our mission, our values, our ethos, and our approach. The new visual identity embeds equality and inclusion from the smallest brand molecule, all the way up.

For more about the 2022 brand launch and The Shades of Equality color strategy, see

Role: Creation Direction, Branding and Visual System
Client: Sherry Hakimi, Executive Director of genEquality