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KnitKnit #7

KnitKnit is an artist's publication dedicated to the intersection of traditional craft and contemporary art. KnitKnit is published twice a year in limited editions with handmade covers and includes profiles, articles, reviews, drawings, manifestos and creative text. KnitKnit issue #7 is inspired by and modeled after "Film Culture - Expanded Arts," 1968, in homage to the artistic innovations and political provocation of the writings and artworks presented in that publication.

Knit Knit issue #7 / 2007
Editor: Sabrina Gschwandtner,
Designer: Lisa Maione

From KnitKnit website: "The first 100 copies of KnitKnit 7 come with a limited edition knitted cover created by Elyse Allen. KnitKnit 7 was designed by Lisa Maione. 11" x 14"; newspaper format (includes knitted, felted, and studded coat of arms made by Elyse Allen made in an edition of 109); 12 pages. Printed in an edition of 1,000."